Helping clients to find the ‘Right talent fit the first time’ and supporting the new hire on-boarding at each step by using performance enablers.


In today’s ever evolving markets and skill set standardized on the global platforms, corporations need to be precise while picking and grooming the best of the available talent. It requires a dedicated and insightful human resource mechanism to identify and tap talent best suited to company’s goals and vision. Hiring KALOUPI to hire the best of available talent is possibly the best thing you can do.

Talent does not mean only skill set and years of experience put in. At KALOUPI, we employ a talent acquisition strategy that is focused on attracting the best available talent rather than skimming through the candidate profiles and following the policy of discarding. Measuring and evaluating potential candidates vis a vis your company’s specific requirement and their exceptional performance, is a system that we follow and leverage for maximum benefit to your company.

Each corporation is different and thus, has different needs in talent acquisition. Knowing this fact very well, KALOUPI offers a flexible recruitment program with four models to suit your specific hiring requirement.

KALOUPI offers Contigency (project based) model to help you search and recruit the right resources based upon your resource requirement against a particular project. It offers Recruitment As A Service (RaaS) model wherein it provides the services of its experienced recruiters against all your resource requirements for a fixed monthly fee. This service is renewable quarterly, half-yearly and annually. Next, it offers Executive Search model where it specifically targets professionals of niche skill-sets and experience; and head hunts them for you but additionally, uses Contingency Database Recruitment and Campaign Management to augment this service. Last but not the least, Managed Programme (RPO) sets our experienced recruitment professionals to act as your internal recruitment team taking care of your entire recruitment / hiring process right from Job-Profiling through On-Boarding, and help your workforce focus their time and energy at a strategic level.


Client Branding: It takes a great brand image to attract top talent. At KALOUPI, we take care to portray your brand at its best thereby ensuring smooth flow of applicants to your recruiting process. Candidates evaluate work culture, HR norms, employee benefits and privileges before making the move to apply. KALOUPI ensures that you are presented at your best. Thus, at KALOUPI, the process starts with client branding as a pre cursor to recruitment.

Right Advertising: KALOUPI executives advertise the vacancy on best job boards, social media and related tools ensuring a properly done job posting to reach out to the relevant candidates.

Proactive Recruiting: Special key positions require special skills and qualifications. KALOUPI is adept to recognize the niche talent and tap it for the benefit of your company. Such recruitments are a continuous ongoing process and our executives will be on the constant lookout for potential employees on your behalf.

Key Metrics: KALOUPI expertise lie in employing Key Metrics in the entire recruitment process wherein your company gets its value returns for the money spent in the recruitment process along with employee reimbursement and productivity.

On boarding Support: Right from sourcing the right talent to the complete procedure of induction, KALOUPI executives are competent to ensure smoothness of the entire recruitment process.

Succession Planning Support: We help corporations handle the tricky process of Succession Planning in a refined and systematic method ultimately helping organizations with the handover and transition of key senior positions.

Employee Lifecycle Reporting: Employees grow with training and experience; hence, the different stages in their career have to be addressed individually and optimally. KALOUPI will help your company ensure employee growth and monitoring to help imbibe healthy relationship with your employees.

Constructive Feedback: Your organization succeeds when your employees do too in their professional and personal goals. The key lies in empowering employees to be efficient managers and accomplishers. Our in depth analysis with a constructive feedback is just what you may need to help your organization grow.

At KALOUPI, we think of ourselves not as service providers but as your Human Resource Partners.