Helping clients achieve short and long-term financial objectives by using DelTek financial portfolio management and Vision formulations tools.


Financial executives face complex issues due to imperfect information regarding financial and cost implications, spelling problems for the business during regular transactions as well as audit. A good financial management system can take a corporation to an unprecedented growth; whereas, a faulty financial management can take the same to capital management challenges and liquidity issues. KALOUPI can help you balance the capital and minimize financial risks with DELTEK experience.

We use tried and tested financial instruments to manage risk exposure, both credit risk and market risk; including but not limited to foreign exchange, market volatility, liquidity, inflation, etc. by identifying its sources, measuring it, and coming out with solutions to address them and balance capital and liquidity. KALOUPI will help you identify and address the risk in early stages ultimately contributing to financial stability of your company.

Profitability is at the heart of any business and financial irregularities can be a dampener on the same. The ratio of profitability is the most important statistic for any stake holder and future growth of a corporation. KALOUPI can help you see the big picture without the hassles of going into details.

Reliable execution of financial goals comes from problem solving, flexibility and total control of entire financial processes. KALOUPI’s unique ability lies in bridging the gap between financial theory drawn by the client and its policies and the employing the necessary methods real world execution. We have an impeccable record for financial management with federal contractors who serve the US Government.

KALOUPI undertakes a rigorous financial review and planning of your company so that level of risk and returns are clearly outlined. A realistic planning is essential for preventing financial breakdown and a healthy financial track record for any company. We educate our clients in our methodology and then assist them in setting their own financial goals. We ensure that we are an integral part of the initial decision-making process and ultimately in a gradual process put in refined financial practices for realizing of your company financial objectives.

An informed decision making ensures tangible returns. KALOUPI will help you select the most suitable projects for your company in a fair and consistent way. We will help you understand the project proposal properly in addition to insights in its associated risks. A fully informed and considered decision can then be taken by your management with realistic planning and impeccable execution.

KALOUPI will also assist you in managing the complete project life cycle including initiation, planning, execution and evaluation. We will define the scope, purpose, objectives, resources, deliverables, timescales and structure of the project; then develop business case including analysis for the process with a feasible solution and risk assessment. The next step will be to monitor and control the project delivery ultimately culminating in successful closure of the project.

KALOUPI thus offers you a complete financial management solution with real time business insights to fully leverage your capabilities with clinical execution and minimum risks.