Financial Administration

Do you have a hard time separating your business expenses from the personal expenses? Do you want advice on how to categorize the two? KALOUPI Financial Management


Recruitment Solutions

Finding good workforce is tough and hiring the talent best suited to your organizations goals, requirements and budget is an uphill task. KALOUPI’s recruitment solutions can


Payroll Processing

At Kaloupi we are focus-driven at providing payroll solutions and services which minimize business operational issues, maximize your productivity & profits. Here’s why


Other Support

MIS Services:
Outsourcing MIS services is possibly best solution for small and medium enterprises as they are highly cost effective with faster response and-


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Back office services for Federal Contractors

We Promise Integrity

At Kaloupi maintain our ‘Integrity’ in the face of challenges is at the forefront of all our efforts. – Thumb Rule – ‘Treat others the way you would like to be treated.’ – Respect differences and Appreciate similarities – We understand that each client is different and has unique needs. We acknowledge that more often than no… Read more

Experience multifold Growth

Focus on sourcing exceptionally skilled candidates who meet your niche and critical business needs. We do not believe that ‘one size fits all’ and focus our efforts on sourcing candidates having the ‘skill-set’ that you seek for a given role.Join forces with us today and enable your business model to experience multifold gr… Read more

Our Client Comes First

Leveraging collective success and strengths of quality, reputation, innovation, and impact. 4 pillars of success – Serving Clients with Distinction, Enhancing Process, Investing in Professionals, Reinforcing our value proposition. Give us an opportunity to invest in ‘your’ organization’s future.Reach out to get a free asses… Read more

Let Us Excel Together

We constantly crave the opportunity to work with ‘world-class’ organizations and give them the ‘best’ service experience. Reach out to us and find out how the right HR consulting service partner can become your marketplace niche.Reach out to us and harness the collective power of our skilled HR recruiters coupled with our c… Read more


Cost advantages

The ultimate purpose and best advantage of outsourcing is the cost benefit that it provides. Reduced overheads and quality translate directly to enhanced productivity and faster turnaround time.

Increases efficiency

Whether you are a startup or an established corporation slated for expansion, outsourcing gives you an advantage of having skilled workforce which provides risk free solution which minimizes errors and maximizes productivity.

Helps focus on business goals

When you outsource you have more time on hand and less hassles on your person so that you can concentrate on your business goals better.

Save on infrastructure and technology

Your entire business process is taken care of with our infrastructure and technology thereby saving your costs incurred on the same. This helps you spend of core areas of your business.

Skilled resources

Our highly skilled workforce who are seasoned professionals take care of your every need so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time, energies and training which is wasted in hiring personal staff.

Faster and better services

We have ready expertise and best insights for you to leverage maximum advantage to your company and reap in benefits. Right from faster turnaround time to quality in time deliverables, advantage is yours.


Kaloupi enables you to focus on what is essential for the continuous growth and development of your business while we collaborate to continuously enhance your value proposition by providing a fungible talent pool at hourly/monthly/ annual basis.


MIS Services:

Maximize client’s financial and operational returns through investment in personnel, equipment and business processes. With the growing globalization and narrowing concern towards time zones we understand the criticality of supporting your business imperatives round the clock with a dedicated 24/7 help desk. We also offer Remote server management and Office365 support to ensure that your critical deliverables do not suffer regardless of the impediments that you face.

We provide Remote Desktop Support that enables secure and trouble-free connections between any computers and IT systems over the web. We employ the latest industry practices and best infrastructure to ensure the highest level of productivity, security and privacy for our clients.

We offer Office 365 support through Office 365 official portal as well as via telephone for complete setup, including cloud computing, and troubleshooting support including complete lifecycle management.

We can also provide compete training for your staff including systems and software usability. What you will get between two support calls is the solution to your IT problem.


Book Keeping:

Maintaining a comprehensive audit trail of all client financial transactions including purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual or an entire organization. Secretarial and Executive Assistance – Staffing our clients with the right managerial and operational support to accomplish their productivity, financial and marketplace goals.

Financial Management (DelTek Expertise):

Every organization knows the value of Financial Planning and Management but lack the expertise to actually perform the ground work required to implement the plan. We work closely with our clients to develop customized financial plan which are realistic and true to their business goals and requirements. We help corporations determine the action plan needed to achieve the financial goals, including short term and long term ones offering a broader perspective. Long term financial planning is a cumbersome, complex and relevant to the time it is to be achieved.


Quickbooks – QuickBooks is a simple online software for businesses meant to organize all finances in one place. They help make an informed decision by offering insight into financial status at the click of a button. While, QuickBooks makes work easy for accountants, KALOUPI can make it simpler for you. Our account professionals are adept at accounting as well as operating the effective software. We will do all invoicing, bookkeeping and billing for you with through our online support.

Human Resource Management – Formulating client strategy to ‘Invest in people’ by measuring the current value and plotting future investment to nourish organizational talent.

Contracts Management – Helping clients to identify financial misreporting and reset the baseline of conformity underpinning contractual relationships with business partners, which can result in potential collections or savings with significant return on investment (ROI).


Recruiting – Helping clients to find the ‘Right talent fit the first time’ and supporting the new hire on-boarding at each step by using performance enablers. We follow the process off recruitment by first determining your exact talent needs and then screening for candidates who are in sync with the company’s goals and share the same vision and passion. We ultimately help you hire talent which fits your organization like a glove to a hand.

We also help smooth transition of succession and ensure that the replacement is timely and ideal. A lot of corporations needlessly spend huge amount of money on trial and error method of recruiting in the quest for ideal candidates. It is very important to study company’s short term commitments and long term goals while recruiting staff.

We lend clarity by studying the organization’s objectives and then accordingly put a recruitment plan and process in motion. We lend total support right from screening the candidates, shortlisting them and negotiating the joining process till they come on board. We also lend support on employee retention and bridging the trsu factor between employee and employers.

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